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Halloween nail designs that are better than a costume

October is finally upon us and it's the season for ghosts, goblins, sugar and fancy dress. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to show off fabulous nail art and we've got some ideas that will keep your customers satisfied and spreading the word on social media. 

1. Coffin nails

A classic. Take the coffin nail trend literally with...well...coffin shapes. Firstly you need to shape the edge then paint the nail black. Once it's dry add a gold outline of a coffin and detail to the centre. It's simple, easy, yet very effective. 

2. Killer knives

Bring your favourite horror movie to life with this killer look. All you need is clear falsies and then paint on each "knife" in black and silver. Guaranteed to give an edge to any Halloween costume.

3. The slithering snake

Most people would imagine that a slithering snake would be a nightmare to encounter, but it makes for a really great nail design. Begin with a clear coat, then once the paint is dry, you should next paint a continuing wavy streak in a colour of your choice (we think red is a good option!) You can detail the snake's design with black and white, then finish the look with a final topcoat.

4. Ghosts

There's nothing quite as classic as the Halloween ghost. Start with a clear base on the nail, then paint a ghost shape in but leave the half moon of the nail bare. You then add the mouth and eye details in black. Finally, seal it with a topcoat. Spooktacular!

5. Beetlejuice

To channel a Halloween favourite and classic, this is a perfect nail art design. Black and white stripes will always be associated with Tim Burton. If you add in orange nail polish, this makes for a seasonal yet graphic Halloween nail. 

6. Moon phases

Full moon, half moon, total eclipse. This nail art trend reminds us of a werewolf and it's perfect for Halloween. Simply paint each stage of the moon for each nail, then, to achieve the moon's irregular texture, try a smaller version of 'water marbling'. This is simply achieved by using a damp cotton swab to dab the grey polish to create the type of moon phase you desire. 

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