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Healthy cuticles = beautiful nails!

Healthy cuticles are essential for beautiful nails. The cuticles are the thin line of skin at the base of the nails and act as a protective barrier for your nail growth matrix. For healthy nail growth, you need to keep the cuticles strong. Advising your clients on how to care for their cuticles you will help to ensure that their nails stay in great condition, making for longer-lasting manicures and happier clients.

Never cut the cuticles!

The cuticles should never be cut or bitten. Damaging the cuticles could allow an infection to enter the nail bed, potentially leading to painful nail loss or poor growth. When preparing your client's nails for a manicure, use an orange stick or cuticle pusher to gently push the cuticles back. To make this easier, use a good-quality moisturiser to soften the cuticles first.

Try to avoid placing the hands in dehydrating substances

Hands take quite a lot of punishment every day. They are placed in dish water, exposed to wind, sun, and rain, and assaulted with nail polish remover too. All this can really dry the skin and cuticles. Wearing rubber gloves when immersing hands in water and remembering to apply plenty of moisturiser to the hands and cuticles a couple of times each day can really help keep the skin soft and supple.

Kick the habit of nibbling nails and cuticles!

Your mouth is full of saliva that contains enzymes which break down skin. If someone is habitually putting their fingers into their mouth, they are exposing the delicate cuticles to damage by those enzymes. If you have a client who struggles with willpower, they can make kicking the nail nibbling habit easier by buying a ‘stop and grow’ product to apply to their nails. The product is applied like colourless nail polish and tastes absolutely foul, reminding the wearer not to nibble every time they are tempted. Healthy, beautiful nails start with strong, healthy cuticles. Follow the tips above to make sure that your clients' cuticles stay healthy and your nails look great. 

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