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Healthy nails are strong nails, but are you giving them the TLC they need?

There's no doubt about it, gel polish is amazing. It lasts longer than standard varnish and gives a high-end finish that makes nails look strong and healthy. But over time, gel can actually weaken nails, leaving them prone to unsightly snagging and breaking. 

It doesn't have to be like this though! Follow some simple steps and you'll be giving clients strong, healthy and gorgeously polished nails in no time. 

1. Keep nails hydrated 

All polish is dehydrating to nail beds, so keeping nails hydrated is a must. Ideally nails should be soaked in vitamin E oil the night before a manicure and after removal, but using a high intensity, moisture rich hand cream just before and after treatment works wonders too. It improves the health of nail beds as well as skin on the hands, which makes manicures look better. Cuticle oil is another must - use it in the salon, and encourage customers to use it every day regardless of whether nails are polished. 

2. Don't underestimate base coats

Base coats act as protection for nails against the chemicals in polish and a good quality base is a necessity for any manicurist. Customers might think it's just a clear coat of polish, but they should think again. 

3. Consider sunscreen 

If you're using a UV light, consider offering customers sunscreen for their hands. Alternatively, if you've got a nail moisturiser as part of your treatment, make sure it has a basic SPF to give a simultaneous boost of protection and hydration.

4. Keep nails shorter

Long nails are more prone to breaking - particularly if they're weak due to back-to-back treatments. Well shaped, shorter nails can still present that maintained look and manicures potentially last for longer. Invest in high-quality emery boards to give your clients the best shape possible.

5. Avoid peeling!

This is a bad habit among so many but it can cause a lot of damage - sometimes removing the natural protective layer of the nail. You know that visiting a salon and having the gel soaked off is the best option for your clients, but if home removal is preferred, offer customers the chance to buy acetone and encourage them away from scraping!

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