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How lifestyle bloggers can market your nail salon

Offering freebies as a way to promote your business can always seem a bit counterintuitive - if you aren't charging customers for your services, then you aren't making any money. Blogger freebies can, however, be a great way to help drive your business and tap into a lucrative new market.

The benefits of bloggers

Lifestyle blogging is booming right now, and bloggers in this genre tend to write about a wide variety of things: anything from restaurant reviews to fashion posts and travel guides. Many of the most popular bloggers have millions of readers, but even smaller, local bloggers can have audiences as big as your local print publications.

Crucially, they also have the right audience; most lifestyle bloggers are women, and most of the people who read their blogs are, too. That means that for nail and beauty salons, they're the perfect market - they tend to be younger and have a fair amount of disposable income for treats, like getting their nails done.

A few targeted freebies to local bloggers could seriously help with your marketing as bloggers offer an authoritative voice that their readers take notice of.

Tips for finding the perfect blogger

Before you go handing out freebies willy-nilly however, there are a few things to be aware of. 

1. Get some data

First, ask for some local bloggers' stats to see who would reach the most people if they posted about your business. Once you've identified a few bloggers, it's time to lay down some ground rules.

2. Negotiate an all round service

Make sure that they commit to not just writing a post on their website, but also posting on social media about their manicure experience, to get the most of your freebie. You can't make them write nice things, but it's fair to make it clear that it's a quid-pro-quo deal.

3. Give them the best treatment

Finally, make sure your blogger guests are treated impeccably when they come in to have their nails done. Remember, their experience will impact how enthusiastic they are about your salon, and could win you lots of customers.

Here at Chroma Gel we offer a wide range of products including gel polish and no wipe top coat to make gel nails a doddle - marketing your salon will be easy with such sensational products!

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