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How to achieve perfect prom nails

Your younger customers have been working hard all year, looking forward to ending their exams and celebrating with their friends on prom night. They have their dress, bag and shoes sorted and know the hair style they're going for, but now they want you to create the perfect prom nail to complete their look. 

Your customers will be so excited, and for some, this might be the first time they've had their nails done at a professional nail salon, so you want to make their experience one that keeps them coming back for years. Below, we've listed out some top tips on how to create the perfect prom nail, so you're armed with ideas when your customers arrive in your salon. 


This trend, which has been huge in the hair world, is now causing waves in nail salons across the country. Ask your customer about the outfit she's planning to wear to decide on the perfect way to apply her ombre nails. If she's looking for a longer look, try out a colour fading mix to match her dress or accessories. Dark pink to a lighter pink, or a bold purple to a lighter shade, can work really well - starting with the darker colour in the bed of the nail, getting lighter as you get towards the tips. Another popular ombre nail look is to start with a neutral or even a clear base, then add a light touch of glitter, getting more pronounced as you reach the tip of the nail. 

Colour palette 

A hugely popular trend for prom nails is to find a colour palette to complement the outfit but to mix it up on each nail. So let's take a neutral look, try a soft pale pink, or a peachy nude as your base, then add gold to one nail, perhaps a gold glitter ombre to another and one 'statement' nail with rhinestones for a full impact look. 

French with a twist 

If your customer is looking to keep their look relatively simple for their prom nails, why not try out a French manicure with a twist. Instead of painting the tip white, you could use a colour to tie into their prom dress colour or add a subtle line of glitter to give a fresh party look that is simple too. 

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