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How to care for your nails in lockdown

Lots of us treated ourselves to a fresh manicure for Christmas, but now that the salons are shut once again, we need to take extra care of our nails. Let's take a look at four simple ways you can keep your nails strong and healthy during lockdown.

Don’t pick off your gel polish

This is a tough one, but a hugely important point. You may have gone for some serious sparkle on your nails for Christmas, but try to bear with it whilst the salons are closed. You can cause some real long-term damage to your nails if you pick the gel off, leaving them much weaker. If you really have to remove your gel polish, be patient, buff the top coat fully and use acetone to soak it off slowly and carefully.

Use cuticle oil daily

Cuticle oil is a miracle product that nails just love. It’s incredible moisturising for your nails too and will help prevent your nails from becoming brittle. Using a small amount every day will really make a difference, so keep some close to hand and apply it daily. Our Chroma Gel Professional Cuticle Oil is not only made from mineral oils, it also has a delicious hint of peach perfume! To really indulge your nails, apply rich hand cream or moisturising gloves before bed so your nails can really soak up the magic of a good moisturiser overnight.

File your nails to maintain their shape – carefully!

As your nails grow during lockdown, you may need to file them to keep your desired shape. Make sure you use a good quality nail file and only move in one direction to avoid damage. Ensure your hands and nails are also dry (and clean!) and be careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid tearing the nail.

Stay hydrated

So much beauty truly does come from within! Your nails reflect what’s going on inside, so if your body is lacking hydration, your nails will too. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and in turn, you’ll see your nails becoming longer and much stronger.

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Image by picjumbo_com via Pixabay

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