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How to choose the right gel nail polish colour

When working in a nail salon, a customer may ask you for your advice about choosing the perfect gel nail polish colour for them. But, how do you choose that colour? Well, here we share four hints and tips on how you can help your client choose the right nail colour for them.

1. Choose a colour that complements their skin tone

A good starting point is to choose a colour that matches their skin tone. Fair complexions look best with warm or cool shades that are subtle, such as pastel blue and pink. If your client has medium to olive coloured skin, then the great news is that anything goes. If their skin is dark, then warm, rich purples and burgundy are best and you should avoid bright, vibrant colours as these can appear too dazzling.

2. Ask about their style and job

It's always a good idea to ask the client about the colours and styles that they like, plus the type of job that they do. This will give you a good base for suggesting gel nail polish colours. For example, if they work in an office environment and prefer muted colours, then you could suggest a pale pink or purple based on this and their fair skin tone.

3. A colour that matches the season

It's always a fun idea to match nail colours to the season. So, in October, offer a range of Halloween inspired gel nail polish colours that range from blacks flecked with silver to rich purples and skull nail art. In February, it's all about the richest reds and the palest pinks. Then, when autumn starts, offer rich russets, oranges and coffee coloured gel nail polish.

4. Share the latest trends

Who doesn't want to be involved in the latest trends? Tell your clients about those latest trends in nail art and colours. Show them images of nail art and how their skin tone would suit some of these trends. One gel nail polish colour that never goes out of fashion is the clear manicure; you can always add colour via nail art.

Here at Chroma Gel, we have a range of Chroma gel nail polish colours for you to use in your salon. Please do browse our website to learn more or give us a call today.

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