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How to create geode nails

It only takes clicking on a couple of your favourite nail artist Instagram accounts before the hashtag geode nails makes an appearance. And what an appearance! These beautiful nails contain multiple colours, glitters and on occasion, even a marbling effect. Done on one feature nail or across a full set, this crystal-like design shines bright like a diamond and although it looks like a lot of work, it can be achieved very easily.

Drilling or buffing technique The drilling or buffing technique is the most simplistic and time effective way to achieve this effect. First, apply multiple coats of different bright colours, for example, blue then sapphire coloured glitter, followed by white, then black, then white. Once all of these layers have dried, apply a darker coloured top coat of choice to either match or fashionably contrast the other nails, such as black or grey. Once dry, buff small or larger patches on the nail lightly with either a drill or emery board until the colours below begin to appear.  To achieve the true geode look, buff until the glitter is visible, adding more glitter to this area if necessary. Brush off excess paint from the nail and paint on a top coat to seal and reveal the design. The beauty of drill or buffing the colour up is that any “mistakes” look intentionally done and can be touched up before the top coat seals the design.

Straight painting While this method is slightly tougher for the less artistic, the geode nail can easily be achieved using both glitter and a couple of nail art pens. First, paint your client's nail with their desired base colour, and then use a different coloured nail art pen to draw the outline of the geode shape. Using a few coloured nail pens, paint a marble design around the outline to give the impression of a rock.  Inside the outline is where the glitter will be painted. Mix the chosen glitter with a clear or top coat polish and paint on using a precision nail brush until the outline is filled. Complete the design with a good top coat to bring out the crystal glimmers.

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