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How to create ombré nails that will amaze

Ombré is one of the hottest nail art trends around right now. Offering an easy way to create some truly amazing looks, it’s little wonder that it’s taken off on the catwalk this spring, or that a growing number of glamorous ladies are requesting their manicurist works their magic so they can try it themselves. 

But no matter how great you are at creating gorgeous looks with just gel polish and an eye for colour, inspiration is sometimes hard to come by. That’s why we’ve written this article! If you’re looking for some ideas that are certain to impress your clients, here are three to try…

#1: Chrome ombré 

If you want to wow, then combining more than one catwalk trend is a sure-fire way to success, which is why chrome ombré is so in demand right now. Our favourite way to style it is by using a pure white that graduates into a space age silver. Effortlessly elongating nails, this look is chic, stylish, and striking. 

#2: Glitter ombré 

Nice and easy to do but still sure to attract all of the right sort of attention, glitter ombré is another style to add to your look book. All you need to do to create it is paint your chosen shade onto the nail and then apply a glitter-based secondary colour to the tips. Finish by adding a little product to the middle of the nail to create a natural gradient that’s perfectly on trend. 

#3: Whole hand ombré

Thinking outside of the box, there’s one more very simple way to create an ombré effect – by using each nail as an individual section in your style gradation. This is the easiest of techniques to master, and simply requires that you have an eye for colour – an essential for any nail technician. All you need to do to create the look is choose five separate shades from the same palette, and then apply them from lightest to darkest as you move from left to right across the hand. 

Which of these gorgeous and glamorous looks will you trial first with Chroma Gel? The hardest part is having to pick!

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