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How to create party-ready nails for your customers with Chroma gel polish

Is there anything worse than being left with chipped or dull-looking nails on one of your many birthday/BBQ/summer events this season? Between the heat that we're experiencing at the moment in the UK and the level of outdoor parties - both dressed-up and casual - that take place in summer, it can be difficult to make sure your customer's nails are on-point for every party. The secret? Opt for Chroma gel nails for fingers that are event-ready without the last minute rush.

Book appointments early with longer-lasting polish

Applying simple makeup, wearing their cutest summer dress and airiest shoes can be more than enough to leave your customers a hot and tired mess in the middle of summer when all they really want to do is be ready to go without all the effort. That's where scheduling nail appointments with your customers a few days before events comes in. This clever trick for providing perfect nails for events is to go with an option that can be completed at least the day before; giving them plenty of time to cool off and less time getting ready on the day itself.

Go neutral

Have your customers got a fully booked social schedule this summer? Opt for gel polish in a neutral tone so it can fit across many different themes, outfits and formalities of events. Because or the hardiness and effectiveness of gel polishes when it comes to creating a long-lasting manicure and pedicure, they don't need to worry about your fingers or toes when it comes to planning that next outfit. Suggest a pretty pastel or a pale nude in a gel polish for the ultimate in interchangeable fashion.

Choose a practical polish

Gel nails aren't just good for parties where you're standing around swigging Pimms or sitting in comfortable chairs making polite conversation; they're suitable for anything from waterparks to outdoor adventures. For your more adventurous customers, gel polish can hold its own and leave them with nails that look as perfect at the end as they did at the start - providing a way to stay a little bit made-up even if all their makeup is gone and their hair is a mess. It's the small victories.

Our full range of Chroma polishes has all your customers to be party-ready this summer. See our full range online today.

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