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How to create stunning chrome nails

The chrome nail trend is one that has captured the attention of the beauty industry all over the world. To get this chic look, you can use a variety of shiny colours. 

The look can be achieved by using chrome nail polish, pigmented powder or metallic nail wraps. 

Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are full of videos and tutorials about the chrome nail trend, giving hints and tips on how to achieve this stunning look. Chrome nails are the perfect choice to complement any outfit. 

How to get chrome nails

1. Prepare the nails in the same way as you would with gel nails. To get the full effect of chrome nails, apply a double coat of black gel. Use a UV light for about 20 seconds so that it dries instantly. After this, apply a clear gel and cure under a UV light again. 

2. Use a brush to pick up some chrome powder, and dab it onto the nails, and start buffing them. You need to apply enough pressure so there is some friction on the nails. After a few rubs, you will see the chrome effect start to emerge. 

3. Once you've put the powder on the nails, get rid of any loose powder around the nails. You could also apply liquid latex to the fingernails, so that any unwanted powder will stick to the liquid instead of your client's skin during application. 

4. Apply another layer of clear topcoat so that you can lock in the powder and achieve the full chrome nail look. 

5. Once you've completed all of the steps, cure the nails for 60 seconds. Clean up any excess powder around the shiny new nails and you're all done. 

Chrome nails give off a stunning impression, and can be used alongside many different outfits. This means your clients can wear them for various occasions, whether they're looking to dress down for a casual day, or get their best gear on for a fabulous party. 

Show off your new chrome nail designs on your social media and you'll be sure to grab people's attention and get them talking about your new manicure.

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