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How to create the perfect wedding nails

Your customers come to you as their nail design expert, so on top of working a hectic day, you need to ensure your ideas and designs keep your customers coming back. When a customer approaches you to design their nails for their wedding day, you’re going to want to have a plan to create their perfect look with gel polish for that special occasion. Below we’ve listed out our top tips to help you delight your bride-to-be customer.

Get to know the bride

Whilst the wedding day is a day that brides want to feel at their most gorgeous, they also want to look and feel like themselves. Adding a huge length to the bride’s nail could be disastrous if that’s a new look for her. Get to know what the theme or look of the day is. Is it a relaxed country wedding? Or a more formal hotel venue? Understanding the look the bride wants, within the context of the venue and overall theme, is the first step in making sure you get the nail design just right. 

Shapes and sizes 

Consider what shape the bride wants and advise how that will work with the rest of her look. If she’s wearing a delicate lace dress, a long stiletto pointed nail is impractical as it could get caught and end up snagging the nail. Almond, rounded or short square nails are often popular styles for a wedding look, as the simple design will ensure the bride can enjoy every bit of her celebrations without a snag. 

The design

Many people opt for a simple, elegant French manicure for their special day. You can make it even more special by adding some sparkle to let the nails catch the light throughout the day and night making more of a statement. You could add simple glitter decoration from the cuticle, dropping off towards the top of the nail. Or what about adding some crystals on just the wedding finger? Again, tiny detailing along the cuticle by the bed of the nail can add a touch of subtle glamour. 

Also ask the bride if she’s happy to share a picture of the decoration, embellishment, or lace of her dress design to see if you can work in some nail art to compliment. To replenish your collection of Chroma gel Nail Gel in time for wedding season, shop our collection today.

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Diksha jain artistry
Diksha jain artistry

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