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How to encourage healthy nail habits in your customers

When a client comes in for a manicure, you will find yourself with one of two reactions. For those clients who take care of their nails, you're in for an easy ride. You can experiment with Chroma Gel and all the latest trends, letting your creative mind do as it pleases. 

Then there's the other type of client. The one who arrives, holds out their hands, and you realise you're going to spend 90% of the appointment just turning their talons into something manageable. There's no experimenting for you, just clearing up the mess caused by lack of proper maintenance. 

For regular clients, it makes sense to encourage them to be proactive in their own nail health and maintenance. It'll make your job easier as well as making any work you do look better. Not only that, but your clients will be reminded of your advice on a daily basis as they go through their nail care routine - a perfect way to ensure they remember to book their next session! 

Here are a few easy tips to consider sharing with your clients to ensure their nails are ready for your creative touch for every appointment.

1. Regular massages

Explain the benefits of massaging their cuticles every night. This stimulates blood flow, which in turn can help nails grow faster. Suggest a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil for this purpose.

2. Advise against breakage

As a professional, you will know better than most the way nails can be damaged by the most innocuous of things. Ensure that your clients know as well with a mention of all the behaviours that can damage their nails. Don't forget to mention getting nails wet too often, irregular filing, and letting nails grow too long between manicures.

3. Proper aftercare 

Any good nail salon will ensure that not only do their customers look great the moment they leave, but will also be able to keep their manicure lasting as long as possible. Gel nails and Chroma Gel are new and exciting techniques and finishes, but that does mean many clients won't know how to handle them. Give good aftercare advice and they will look amazing for longer, encouraging clients to keep coming back for more!

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