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How to get those festival vibes for the summer

Festival season is just around the corner, so you will be getting more requests from your clients for that fun, festival look. 

What products you should be using

Your clients will be wanting their nails to last as long as they can, especially if they are braving the British weather for the festival line-ups. The best way to ensure longevity is by using the right products. Gel nail polish is the product to use this season. It is a durable polish that will ensure a great colour payoff to get fresh, vibrant nails. Low maintenance is also what the client will want. By low maintenance, we mean using a nail polish that is foolproof. 

What trends are around this year

Trends change from year to year, but festival vibes can be whatever you or your client wants. This will give you the opportunity to get your creative juices flowing. This year there are a few ideas that are going around. Adding gems onto your nails will give your client a 3D effect with additional bling, and you can choose either one colour or get a little more creative and go multicoloured. It will depend entirely on the client. 

Creative with colour

Using a more daring colour which may not be requested on a regular basis is one to keep in mind. Going for a striking colour like a hot pink or zesty lime as the base will really set the tone. Using nail art brushes with a fine tip will allow you to add detail such as lines - straight, diagonal, wavy - using either black or white. 

Sticking with nail art, you can show your flair for design with more intricate patterns such as flowers. Festivals and summer scream florals. Painting on flowers whether they be stylised or more intricate will add a sweet effect.

Glamping with glitter

A popular request that may come up will be for you to use glitter or holographic nail polish. With the increase of the mermaid and unicorn craze, your clients may want to use this as inspiration. 

To keep those nails looking fresher for longer don't forget to add a layer of no wipe top coat from Chroma Gel. This will ensure you keep your clients happy and get them coming back for more.

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