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How to give a French manicure an upgrade

French tips were a popular nail trend in the 70s and 90s. Notable for its neutral base and sharp white tip, it was the go-to nail for anyone who wanted to achieve a classy and elegant nail. This year could see the revival of the French manicure, but not as we know it. Clients will be excited to wear the French manicure once again, but this time with a dash of colour or a sprinkle of glitter. 

A pop of colour

Instead of opting for the classic white tip, clients could choose bold colour whether that's daring red or festival-ready neon. This is an easy way to give your client's manicure an upgrade, no matter how long or short their nails may be.


Glitter has the potential to transform a classic French manicure into a glamorous spectacle. A glitter gradient is a simple but effective way to add some sparkle, just sponge some glitter polish onto your client's base colour and the gradual fade will please anyone. If your client wants to keep the sharper tip, it is just as effective and stunning to apply individual glitter pieces to the tip. 


It doesn't look like the holo trend is going anywhere anytime soon. Clients will be desperate to swap out white tips for some holographic ones. An easy way to achieve this would be by sticking on some holographic nail foils. A more striking alternative would be to buff our holographic chrome dust powder onto the tips of the nails to create a mesmerising holographic and metallic effect. 

Get creative

The simple premise of a French-tipped manicure allows a lot of room for creativity. Impress your clients with a variety of nail art designs. Nail vinyls work especially well with gel polish to give you a precise and pretty nail design. Swirl patterns into polish on a nail art mat and stick your finished product to your client's nail tips when it has dried.

Whatever your upgraded French manicure look might be, lock it all into place with one of our no wipe top coats in order to give your client a manicure that will look fresh for days.

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