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How To: Glitter nails for grown ups

How To: Glitter nails for grown ups

As spring pokes its head round the corner it is time to refresh your nails for a more exciting and radiant look. Glitter can look over the top and has been the domain of the younger wearer for seasons past, but glitter is back for 2018 and it's not just for the younger generation. There are two main ways to achieve the perfect glitter nail look for grown ups and here we explore how. From the office to the dance floor, these nails will make you look the part. 

The glitter accent

Accenting your nails with a touch of glitter looks great and is easy to achieve. Follow these simple steps to accent your nails with glitter: 

1. Remove any existing polish from your nails and clean them before allowing them to dry. 
2. Apply a base coat and cure to the nails to keep them strong. 
3. Apply two coats of the colour of nail varnish that you want to use as the base colour.
4. Apply a layer of glitter that matches with your base coat to the nails you want to accent. Commonly the ring finger is accented, but the little fingers and thumbs look great too. 
5. Finish the look off with a no wipe gel top coat for that long-lasting and stunning look. 

The glitter fade 

The glitter fade uses a small amount of glitter at the end of each nail to create a fantastic but classy look. Follow these simple steps to achieve the glitter fade: 

1. Clean the nails and remove any existing polish before allowing them to dry. 
2. Use a base coat and cure on the nails to strengthen them and create a base from which to build your new look. 
3. Apply 1-2 coats of your chosen nail polish colour allowing each coat to dry in between. 
4. Apply glitter to the tip of each nail. For an extra special look you can alternate between gold and silver glitter for each finger. 
5. Finish the look off with a no wipe gel top coat that will protect the nails and keep them looking stunning.

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