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How to help clients choose nail colours they will love

Sometimes clients come to their nail artist with a great colour in mind. But what happens if they ask for nails in a shade which is not right for them? How does a professional help them make a different choice?

1. Share decision-making

Explain that not all nail colours work for everyone. Let the client know that you are trained to consider them as a whole person when advising about nail colours. Ask if they are willing to spend a moment chatting about themselves and their lifestyle, any special occasions they have coming up, and the colours that work best for their skin tone and shape of nails.

2. Skin tone

A shade that glows on one person can look washed out on another. For instance, a client with fair hair and pale skin tone looks great in pastels, peaches and purples, or even a deep red if they want a darker colour. The opposite is true for those with darker skin who can carry off the bolder colours including fuchsia and intense blues. Demonstrate by holding different gel nail polish or chrome nail colours against the skin on the back of the client’s hands.

3. The occasion

There’s nothing worse than arriving at an event all glammed up only to discover that everyone else is in T-shirts and jeans. Or sitting in an important job interview and realising your nails are covered in bubbles and stripes. Talk to the client about how the nail colour they want will work on the ground. It sometimes helps to ask a customer to think about the season too. If a client is asking for a neon hue in the Autumn, you can let them know that this is more of a Summer shade. Nudes and neutrals work better in Autumn, darker colours in Winter, pastels in Spring, and fun shades can be saved for Summer.

Finally, if you do decide to suggest an alternative nail colour, offer more than one possibility. Giving a choice ensures that it is the customer that selects their final colour and not you. That way the responsibility for selecting a shade, gel nail polish, chrome nails or another type of polish ultimately rests with the client. They leave feeling empowered, pampered and with nails that they love, and they are much more likely to come back to you.

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