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How to keep your client's nails perfect all through their holiday

Any nail professional knows that no matter how good the application, nail varnish can chip and look tatty if your client is going away on holiday. Sun, sea, sand and partying can chip nail varnish instantly and while your client doesn’t want to spend their holidays with damaged looking nails, nor do they want to waste precious vacation time away from work and real life doing nail touch ups. Our handy guide has some of the best tips for making sure your client has gorgeous nails right through their fun-filled break.

Preparation is key

The better the client’s nail condition, the longer their polish will last. Most good salons will prep nails beforehand but you can give your clients some advice to get the best nails. Advise them to eat well a few weeks before they go, good food will make nails strong and has the added bonus of giving them great skin and great hair. Make sure they always moisturise after washing their hands and being in the sea as harsh water can strip polish.

Go for long lasting looks

The key to chip-proof nails is long-lasting polish applied correctly. Any good beauty salon can apply gel polish or gel nails which have far better staying power than normal polish. Finish off your customer’s nails with a no-wipe top coat to keep everything in place. A high-quality polish like Chroma Gel is long lasting and will give your clients those beautiful holiday nails that they crave.

Keep it light and fun

Keep holiday colours light and playful. This means if your client does get chips, they’ll be far less noticeable. Bright red nails and dark colours show damage more so encourage your customer to avoid these and make alternate suggestions like trendy chrome nails which will reflect the light without looking overly glittery. Or plump for a light pastel coat in an ice cream colour. Nail art is great for a weekend away but is probably impractical for a fortnight on the beach as it will wear away quicker than a solid colour.

Now your clients' nails are holiday ready, expect to see them back frequently as they’ll love having nails which will take them from beach to bar!

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