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How to keep your nail customers coming back for more

In a competitive beauty marketplace, how can you ensure that your salon stands out for all the right reasons? Our tips will help you to win and retain valuable customers.

Consider your product offering carefully

If you offer gel nails, then it can be valuable to focus solely on manicure-related services, delivered by excellent professionals. This allows you to create a clearly defined brand and customer offer. Be wary about bringing in beauticians who carry out different services as these can confuse your offer and turn customers off. Ideally you want to be able to position yourself as the primary destination of choice for nail customers.

Follow the trends

Make sure your staff have regular professional development so that they are always aware of the latest trends and have mastered the newest techniques. From chrome nails to the latest nail art techniques, this will keep your salon at the forefront of the industry and help you to build a reputation for fantastic services.

Use quality products

Customers value high-quality, professional products such as Chroma Gel. By using these gel polish products you demonstrate that you care about your clients' nails and are committed to delivering a superior service for them.

Choose the right staff

Passionate, professional staff who are highly trained in gel nails and other manicure services are a huge asset to your business. Use highly qualified, experienced or keen-to-learn junior nail specialists and invest in them with training, recognition and reward for excellence. Treat your staff well and they will reward you with a great service and help you to build a successful business.

Run a well-managed business

From health and safety legislation through to customer booking software, CRM systems and business efficiency measures, the more you can learn about running a safe, efficient and high-quality business the better. Excellent businesses are far more likely to be successful in the longer term and customers trust those signs of commitment, such as quality marks, accreditations, professional qualifications and so forth. Contact your Chamber of Commerce to begin with, for information about services and training specific to your needs. Many of these will be subsidised or government funded, so don't miss out!

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