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How to offer a top experience to a bride-to-be and her squad

A bride-to-be has a long list of chores in the lead up to her wedding, but the pampering should be one of the fun bits. In the lead up to the wedding, a manicure at a salon can be a fun and relaxing experience for a bride-to-be and her squad, which is why it's important to ensure she has an experience she won't forget.

Create a fun, relaxed atmosphere

So much of wedding planning is stressful, the final manicure should be fun and relaxing and give her the chance to enjoy some quality time with her bridesmaids. Put on a fun playlist packed with popular party songs that will help them all to let loose a bit. You can even put some decorations or bunting up and keep a sash on hand to make sure she stands out.

Offer some bubbly

Little touches can make a big difference, so having some fizz is sure to go down well. Offer the bride and her bridesmaids a drink and they'll appreciate the gesture.

Listen to what the bride wants

Your bride-to-be will most likely know what she wants for her nails on her big day - so make sure that you listen to her. If she asks for something natural, don't try to force her into something more glamorous, and if she isn't sure of what she wants, it's a good idea to have some bridal magazines, Pinterest boards on a tablet and some other examples to provide some inspiration.

Give her one less thing to worry about

A bride-to-be will spend a lot of time worrying about things that could go wrong on the day, so don't let her nails be one of them. Chrome Gel polish won't smudge and will give a lasting finish for up to two weeks, so they'll even stay put for the honeymoon! By offering gel polish in a range of looks, you can make sure you give the bride exactly what she wants.

Wedding planning is a very word-of-mouth type of industry which means the information about the experience you offer will travel fast - the better it is for the bride, the better the recommendations will be. Think about how your salon can offer an experience to remember for the bride and watch the bookings come flooding in.

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