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How to perfect a rose gold chrome manicure

We've previously talked about chrome nails, one of the hottest manicure trends for 2017. Social media sites are full of videos of mirror-effect talons, and amazed fans are wondering how to get the look. Many are looking to expand on this trend with different effects, and are looking to use this year's most fashionable metal: rose gold. Seen everywhere from catwalks to high street shops, the pink-hued metal will be adorning plenty of accessories and jewellery this year. 

With its feminine take on the metallic trend, a rose gold chrome manicure is suitable for a wide range of events. The chrome effect is an exciting change for festivals and holidays, while the delicate colour makes it the perfect manicure for a summer wedding. Fashion-conscious manicure fans will be sure to flock to your salon once you start offering this trendsetting take on chrome nails. 

Follow our tips to perfect the rose gold manicure and keep your appointment book full this summer.

1. Carry out your regular manicure and prep work. Remove any traces of nail polish, perform necessary cuticle work and file the nails into your client's desired shape.

2. Apply two coats of our 1 Step Gel Polish in a bright pink or coral shade. We recommend using Pink Passion to get the perfect rose gold finish.

3. Although our 1 Step range doesn't require a top coat, chrome powder needs to adhere to a tacky layer. Apply one coat of No Wipe Top Coat to the nails and cure.

4. Using a sponge applicator, pick up some chrome powder and buff it into the nails. This technique also works with a basic eyeshadow sponge. The powder will stick to the top coat, and as you buff it in firmly you will reveal a beautiful rose gold mirror effect.

5. Clean up any excess chrome powder on and around the nail using a fan brush.

6. Apply another layer of no wipe top coat and cure. It's recommended to purchase a separate bottle of top coat to use with glitter and chrome powders. This is due to the pigment in the powder, which can get caught in your top coat and leave traces of unwanted glitter on your next manicure.

7. Apply cuticle oil and make sure to take a picture of your client's rose gold nails!

Have you used our tips to create the perfect chrome manicure? We'd love to see! Snap a picture and tag us on Facebook or Twitter.

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