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How to perfect spring's hottest nail trends

Gone are the days when pale pink was the only nail colour that you could wear to embrace springtime. In 2020, we're seeing a whole range of fresh spring nail trends that are easy to take on and do yourself. Take a look at 5 of our top picks below!

1. Pointed chic

Elegant, pretty and simple. If you like your nails simple, then this one's for you. Start by shaping the nail into a slightly more pointed oval shape (without creating witch vibes). Then choose a tonal gel polish to complement your skin tone. For paler individuals, choose a creamy hue with pink undertones, while darker skin tones can make use of this year's gorgeous brown/berry gel polishes.

2. Mermaid sparkle

Glitter and sparkle is set to stay this spring, with nail artists blending blue sparkles with purple gems and dots. For this style, keep it simple. Shape the nail into a squoval and layer on a strengthening base coat. Then take a brush, dip into your favourite blue glitter polish and paint from the cuticle up to the bottom of the nail tip, keeping the whites of your nail exposed. Build up with layers of your favourite sparkles for some oh-so-natural Ariel vibes.

3. Modern French manicure

Just like our love for scrunchies, the 90s' resurgence has also dominated the spring nails trend with this unfinished and minimalist design. For this look, do a simple French manicure, leaving the bottom half of the tips unpainted. Instead, just paint a very thin white line across the tips of the nail for a modern take on the classic French mani.

4. The half moon

Play with pretty pastels to create this iconic look. Start by filing the nail into an almond shape and paint with a pastel gel polish, such as a mellow yellow. Then, take a cotton pad, and lay the rounded side at the base of the nail, so it is like a half moon laying over the nail. Paint a thin outline with a white polish, remove the pad and then fill in shape with your second favourite spring colour. We recommend minty greens with soft yellows!

5. The glitter half moon

Again, another trend for the girls who love glitter - the glitter half moon adds a lovely layer to your springtime look. For this look, do the same as above, but fill the half moon with a glitter polish of your choice to mix up your look.

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