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How to take amazing nail art photos

As a nail artist, you spend every day creating amazing looks, and sharing them with the world has become an increasing factor in working in or running a professional salon. With Pinterest and Instagram a constant source of inspiration, what better way to reach new clients than to get your work out there and trending?! But first of all, you need incredible photos. We've taken a look at some of the most popular nail photos out there and we've got some handy tips for you to take amazing photos of your clients' nails.


Lighting is one of the most important things when you're taking photos. Natural light is always great for taking clear photos, but if you don't want to drag your clients outside, set up a surface near the window with lots of light pouring in. If you haven't got great lighting, choose a low light setting on your phone or camera. If you've got sparkles, like Chroma Dust that you want to pop in the photo, use your flash but make sure you're holding the camera steady and take a few.


Scrolling through Pinterest, you'll notice a lot of photos have a simple white background. This is super important as it means the background isn't distracting from the nail art and any colours look brighter. You can create a white background with a sheet, a light pad or any clean white surface.


If you've used something for inspiration, like nails to match a handbag, then include this in your photo. For really cool, creative photos, there are loads of props you can choose. From jewellery to fluffy jumper sleeves to holding an ice cream, using a variety of props can make your nail photos fun and really stand out.

Attention to Detail

Make sure you are using the macro setting on your phone or camera as you will be wanting to take a close photo with lots of detail. Make sure you are happy with every single nail and there are no smudges or mistakes that will ruin the photo.

Have Fun

Chat with your client, encourage them to choose a unique design you haven't featured yet and have fun taking photos with them. Make sure you tag Chroma Gel and we look forward to seeing your beautiful nail creations trending online.

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