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How to use a gel top coat with your regular nail varnish

Are you fed up of having chipped and unattractive nails? If so, then you can take action. When you paint your nails you want them to stay looking good for as long as possible, one way to achieve this is by applying a Chroma gel polish. Bellow we share two easy methods for you to try at home.

Apply Chroma No Wipe Top Coat gel over nail polish

This method involves painting your nails with your chosen regular nail polish after you have carefully prepared and shaped them. Simply paint your nails as usual, adding several coats. What you must do though, and this is very important, is that you must wait for them to completely dry. So, this means not just touch dry which may take several hours.

Once the nail polish is completely dry then you can add the No Wipe Top Coat gel polish. Add one layer, then cure via a UV or LED lamp as usual. Follow by another coat, and cure once again. This method will produce strong and incredibly durable nails for many weeks with no fear of chipping.

Mix gel polish with your normal nail varnish

Another method you can try involves mixing regular nail polish with gel polish. This method is great fun as you can create your own shades and colours. You just need to use the same amounts and mix them well. The way that the gel polish mixture is applied is very different to a normal manicure, but the great news is that you don't have to wait hours for the polish to try.

You do needs to prime and cleanse your nails after you have shaped them, unlike the first top coat method. Once this has been done you mix the Chroma gel polish with your normal polish on a piece of foil. Apply one coat and then cure. Then apply a second coat and cure. You can leave it there, but if you want to add a sparkly top coat or a shimmer top coat, then simply apply your chosen gel polish and cure this layer. All done! For further gel polish inspiration then please do browse our website and informative blog articles. Have fun with Chroma gel polish.


Rachel  Duckett
Rachel Duckett

I’ve been trying all of these creations for quite some time. I’ve never had a problem with it. Thank you for having my back and just letting me know there’s nothing wrong with mixing chroma gel you rock!

 Kulpreet Chahal
Kulpreet Chahal

wow quite good sharing. thanks for the useful post. nice one.- nail gel

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