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Latest trends in nail art

Nail art and awesome creative nail designs have really taken off in recent years, with people always looking for exciting new ways to creatively express themselves. With more colours, styles, shapes and ideas to decorate nails than ever before there's never been such an exciting time to create some stunning looks for your nails. Below we've listed out some of the latest nail trends that are popular right now so that when your customers come to see you, you're always ahead with the latest designs and styles.

High-impact French manicure

When suggesting a French manicure, instead of going for the traditional natural base with a white tip, why not make the foundation colour something a little more striking? A deep charcoal grey with a thick white tip (over the natural size of the nail tip) looks great as a high-impact alternative to the much-loved classic. 

Dot to dot 

Another unique nail look is to create a pale base of neutral pink or peach to blend in with the person's skin tone before outlining the nail with little dots or dashes of another colour to enhance or effectively sculpt the nail. You can go bold with a dark black or purple, or keep it more subtle by using a silver or grey. The metallic colour will give you the same unique look but without being too obvious, ideal if your customer is trying it for the first time. 

Strong stripes 

Stripey nail art isn't new, but consider mixing up the thickness of the lines you create across the nail. Use thicker, bolder deckchair-inspired stripes on larger, wider nails, sticking to thinner stripes at the base of nails. You can tie the colour of the stripes into a special outfit the customer might be planning on wearing to an event, such as a wedding, making their nails a real statement addition to their outfit. 

For more exciting ideas about nail trends, make sure to read our blog, and to make sure you're stocked up with all the latest colours to create the design your customers want, shop our full range of Chroma Gel nails here today.

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