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Make novelty seasonal nail designs a customer favourite

It's not a trend that's for everyone, but over the last few years the fashion for novelty nails that match the season has really been picking up. More people than ever before are getting special manicures for Christmas, Halloween and other holidays throughout the year.

It's a great trend to capitalise on because it gives you an edge on your competitors - and you can change up your marketing and window displays on a regular basis. 

Choose several occasions that you'd like to focus on - you could choose Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Valentine's Day and develop a handful of new designs for each. Because such novelty, seasonal designs tend to be quite eye-catching, you're sure to get some good footfall simply through word of mouth.

Display your seasonal designs in the window of your salon alongside some other props. Use fabrics in appropriate colours and drape them in the window or use items like pumpkins at Halloween, stockings at Christmas, chocolate boxes on Valentine's Day and eggs at Easter to create a fun and funky display that really shows off your designs.

Once your customers are hooked on getting their nails done to match the season, they're sure to come back - and eye catching displays are a good way to catch their attention in the first place.

You could also create seasonal flyers featuring your nail designs for each holiday, and ask regular customers to take some to their workplaces and other places they frequent. When the designs are the star of the show it's important to showcase them well!

Each member of staff should have their nails done in one of the designs too. Novelty designs are eye-catching and it's a great way to start conversations with potential customers outside of work.

Quality tools for the job

If you want to keep your customers coming back for more you need to do a great job - and to do a great job of their gel nails, you need a great gel polish. Take a look at the wide selection of products we offer to help your business thrive.

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