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Make toes sparkle with fabulous gel polish

Although the weather is still cold, there is no reason why your toe nails can't be glamorous and ultra feminine. One fabulous way to make your toe nails look perfect is by applying gel polish. Below we share how to apply gel polish and the hottest colours to go for.

Be prepared As the saying goes, preparation is everything. Ensure that your toe nails are clean and that all dry skin has been removed. You need to start with a blank canvas. Also make sure that you have enough time to sit and relax while applying the gel polish.

What you need There are some pieces of kit that you'll need when using gel polish on your toe nails. Toe separators are useful, but you can also use kitchen roll. You'll need a nail lamp, cuticle pusher, cleanser, primer, gel polish, and top coat.

Applying the gel polish To begin with, it is very important to push the cuticle back so that the gel polish will sit correctly on the nail bed. The nails then need to be buffed so that the gel polish can be correctly applied. If the nail is too shiny then the polish will just peel away. You then need to cleanse your nails to remove any additional oils that can interfere with the polish. Once the toe separators are in place you can then apply the primer, which needs to be cured for 60 seconds, followed by your chosen gel polish that needs to be cured for 60 seconds. The final step is applying the top coat, which then needs to be cured for 30 seconds. That's it!

Choose your colour The good news about toe nails is that any colour goes. In these dark and cold months, it's always a good idea to apply bright and bold colours to cheer up your day. Dark blues and ruby reds always look stunning on toes. For a bolder and brighter look, then opt for orange, lime green, and glitter golds and metallics. If you want a more natural look them simply apply a french manicure. For more ideas and inspiration when using gel polish on your toe nails, then please do browse our exciting Chroma gel range.

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