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Making nail art easier than a summer breeze

Summer is the season for nails to shine. Festivals, parties, sandals and dresses - fun and colourful nails are the best accessory. Nail art is the perfect trick to make your customers' summer nails pop and gives you the chance to mix it up with colours, shades and textures. But creating nail art does not have to be time-consuming and tedious. Follow these simple tips for easy, fun designs for your customers.

Dots and spots for summer fun

Polka dots are so easy to do but can give nails an instant summer boost! Use a cotton bud or a toothpick to play around with different shapes and sizes of dots. A trend seen across Instagram is to concentrate the dots at the top of the nail to create a bubbly French tip look. Chunky glitter polish can also add a cool edge to this look - try using it over the dots for a summer sparkle!

Simple stripes to mix shades

You don't need any extra tools for this chic and simple nail look, you can use the polish brush to do different colour brush strokes the length of the nail to create thick stripes. If you want thinner stripes, use a toothpick. Experiment with contrasting colours to create a look that combines the customer's favourite shades.

Freestyle with abstract patterns

Patterns are a huge trend this season and no doubt your customers will be wearing colourful and bright outfits this summer. So why not make their nails as exciting as their clothes? Use the polish brush to dab some polish onto the nail and use a toothpick to drag the colour to create messy stripes and splashes. This effect looks awesome over a chrome nail base with luminous summer splats!

Gel polish is the key

Gel polish, such as Chroma Gel, works best for nail art as it is thick enough to play around with and it stays where you place it. Also, the colours are often more vibrant. Traditional nail polishes can often be too runny or not as pigmented as Chroma Gel polish. Whichever you use though, you need a strong top coat that will lock in the designs and colours. No wipe top coat is perfect to finish off nail art and its speed means your customers can get back out in the sun right away!

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