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Master the holographic nail trend

Holographic nails have taken the internet by storm and people are desperate to showcase their glittering fingers on Instagram. Anyone of any age can rock holographic nails, so they can be expected to be a popular nail request in salons over the coming months. Here's how your clients can nail the holographic trend. 

1. Holographic Powder

Using nail powder is perhaps the most popular way to achieve holographic nails. For clients who really want their holographic nails to pop, a good tip is to use a dark base coat before buffing the powder onto the nail as this will help to achieve a truly iridescent finish. The options of holographic colours to choose from are endless. Our holographic nail powder is a holographic powder that clients will love. It leaves nails with a mirror finish that catches the light beautifully. As any nail technician will know, one of the most important steps to achieving holographic nails is using a gel no wipe top coat. Without it, the powder won't adhere to the nails as well and your client's beautiful holographic manicure won't be as long-lasting. 

2. Glitter

Holographic glitter is extremely versatile and there are many different ways to apply it depending on how intense you want the look to be. For those who want an intense look, sponging the glitter flakes onto a base coat that hasn't fully dried is a good option. For a more subtle look, use a holographic glitter nail polish over the top of a nail colour. This is a look for clients who want their holographic nails to be subtle. 

3. Holographic 'diamond' nails.

A creative way to transform nails into a set of beautiful, shifting rainbows is to use holographic nail foils. This method makes nails look like diamonds as the design appears 3D and catches the light. Layering the foils and setting each layer with a gel polish is what really transforms the look of the nails into diamonds.

Whatever the look, set any nail design with our no wipe top coat to ensure your client's holographic nails will keep turning heads for days.

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