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Metallic Manis: everything you need to know about this year’s hottest nail trend

If you haven’t already heard, mirror or chrome nails are fast becoming the hottest nail trend of 2017. Chrome nails have featured on catwalks around the world and are sported by many a celebrity, including Beyonce, Katy Perry and of course the queen of nail trends Rihanna.

Metallic manicures have become a staple trend for fashion gurus and beauty bloggers alike, with #chromenails being a current social media sensation (check out #chromenails yourself on Instagram: and Pinterest:

So, why have chrome nails gained so much popularity? Aside from the fact that they look beautiful and give that polished, luxury and expensive look that many clients crave, it’s the diversity of effects that can be achieved that make this trend so desirable. Not only that, but they are simple to achieve, making it a great addition to any nail technician's arsenal.

Pigment powder is used during the gel manicure process to get the chrome/mirror effect, however you can also get holographic, pearlescent and opalescent variations. You can use the chrome effect on all the nails or to add a more subtle accent nail. It can be used to accent half moons or to give a fashion forward ombre look. Furthermore, you can also experiment with different base colours and even add gemstones or other decorations for a truly unique and eye catching manicure that your client will adore.

Here’s how to create an Instagram-worthy chromatic manicure...

1. Apply and cure a base coat to prepared nails.
2. Apply two coats of your chosen base colour and cure each coat.
3. Apply a layer of no wipe top coat and cure for 30 seconds (it’s important you use a ‘No Wipe’ top coat for the next step to work properly).
4. Apply the chrome powder to the nails with the applicator and buff it on with a small amount of pressure to achieve that flawless mirrored effect. Dust off the excess.
5. Apply and cure a final layer of no wipe top coat.

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