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Nail health and gel polish

As a manicurist part of your role is to help inform your clients about the ways in which they can keep their nails strong and healthy. It's important that clients understand that strong and healthy nails grow well, and are better suited to regular manicures. As a manicurist, you can help provide the perfect surface for applying Chroma gel polish. Below we explore how you can help educate your clients about nail health and the many benefits of using our Fix n Protect Chroma gel.

Vertical ridges in nails

Clients need to know that vertical ridges are those deep lines that run from the tip of the nail all the way to the cuticle. They should understand that they are just usually a superficial problem, that can be easily remedied and which pose no real health concerns. They should be told that in most cases vertical ridges are simply genetic. However, they should also be made aware that in rare cases vertical ridges may be due to an iron deficiency. When working with clients' nails that have vertical ridges, it is important that you explain why you need to buff the nails with a Chroma gel nail buffer before you apply a Chroma gel base coat. They should understand that this produces a smooth nail surface on which to apply the gel polish.

Horizontal ridges in nails

If a client has horizontal ridges, then you can explain to them that this is usually due to injury such as trapping or banging their finger against a heavy object. This blunt trauma effects the way in which the nail grows. Reassure them that there isn't anything that can be done about horizontal ridges, other than allowing the nail to grow out, which may take up to three months.

How to improve nail health

There is a way in which you can help your clients improve their nail health. Chroma gel Fix n Protect is a nail repair treatment that can be used on weak and damaged nails. It helps to nourish, protect and strengthen nails. The good news is that it is very easy to remove, without distressing the nail. It can also be used alone, or in conjunction with Chroma gel polish, adding further strength and protection. It is very easy to apply. Simply buff the nail, cleanse and then apply a layer of Fix n Protect, cure, and then apply a second layer.

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