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Nail Salons: how to get your customers to try something new

Many nail salons have the luxury of selling the same services and products to their customers, which means that you can quickly build up a loyal customer base while also becoming experts in what you do. However, it’s always refreshing to launch a new service or encourage a customer to try a new style, and this variety should excite new people, increasing the number of people who come to your salon. Convincing a client to try something new can be challenging, however, so our experts at Chroma Gel have created a brief guide on how to do it.

1. Information is key 

You can’t sell a new product or service if you don’t understand it yourself. Learning about the features and benefits, as well as the way it works is key. Equally, once you are sure that you understand everything, it is then essential to be able to explain all of this in a friendly and informative way to customers; for this, it may be worth practising your sales techniques on other salon team members to ensure you can really promote your products. 

2. Show it off yourself 

In the case of a new style of nails, there is no better way to get clients onboard then by showing them off yourself. Talk to your customers about your new designs, patterns and nail styles, and discuss how you have matched your nails to your life, including events and clothes. By showing how to incorporate your new product into their lives, customers will be far more willing to try them out.

3. Introductory pricing

Customers love getting a bargain. If you want to introduce a new product line, then the best way to get people to try it out, and get them hooked, is by offering it at a discounted price initially. This reduces the ‘risk’ factor for customers, and their desire to get something new and exciting at a cheaper price will outweigh their fear of change. 

Our Gel Polish brand ‘Chroma Gel’ is getting customers excited at salons throughout the country. Salons that have introduced our products are finding that clients are loving it, and these gel nails are literally flying off the shelves! For more information about our products, please visit

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