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Nail trends for summer 2017

Your customers come to your salon for expert tips about the latest nail trends, to keep their look fresh and current. With summer upon us, many of your customers will be looking to you make their nails look fabulous in time for their next trip or big event such as a wedding. Below we've listed out some of our favourite nail trends for summer 2017, so you can be sure you're offering your customers the latest looks.

Be bright & bold

Nails with a strong block colour are going to be big throughout summer 2017. Think tangerine oranges, fuchsia pinks and bright, bold blues painted onto shorter rounded squared nails. Not only is this shape super practical for a beach holiday, where sand and suncream seem to go everywhere, but the bold, block colours look amazing against a deep bronze tan. Encourage your customers to try a colour they haven't before and they'll be back in no time after being inundated with compliments. 

Mix it up 

Don't think that every nail has to look the same or even follow the same design. Summer 2017 is the season to totally mix it up, painting nails a rainbow of colours, each finger showcasing a different shade. If a bright, bold rainbow look feels a bit too much for your customers, why not encourage them by trying a tie-dye affect, starting with a dark shade on the little finger nail and lightening each nail in turn towards the thumb. This is such an effective look, but sticking with the same colour palette keeps it more subtle, from a different bold colour on each hand. 


If your customer has come to you for a beautiful nail for an event, such as a wedding, christening or summer party, why not wow them with metallic colours. From bright silvers to deep chromes and glistening golds, metallic nails work with almost all outfits and looks, giving your customers an eye-catching style to suit any event they attend. 

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