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Nail trends we'll see this summer

Judging by the weather you'd think summer is a while away but it's always a good idea to prepare for future fashion trends. Summer 2018 looks to be very nail focused. There will be plenty of variety and it can be difficult to stay ahead of what is most popular. Here are our predictions for what will be the most seen nail trends during the sunny season:

1. Chrome nails

Customers in 2018 will want to show off their nails by making them sparkle and shine with high quality gels. For this reason chrome will be the dominant colour of the summer. Nothing is more eye-catching than when a chrome shade is hit by sunlight. That reflective shimmer makes fingers pop and glisten. We'll be seeing plenty of that when the sky finally gets brighter. 2018 is set to be very silvery.

2. Multicoloured finger tips

Why stick to just one colour? More and more women are choosing to have different hues and shades on each individual finger. Sometimes they even have many different colours on one nail. Blues, pinks, purples and reds have been seen all on one hand on the women at beauty salons. It is a growing trend that is sure to pick up later in the year.

3. Eye-catching colours

The most popular colours seen on nails in 2018 have been bright and shiny. Neutral and understated shades are becoming less popular. High impact chroma gels that give nails character are the products that will be in most demand by customers and professional beauty parlours this summer. Modern women have made it clear that they want their nails to attract the eye's attention and to do that they use the most colourful gels on the market.

4. Personalised nails

Customers today want to have nails that express their own individuality. There are plenty of nail tools and products that allow you to create unique styles. Summer 2018 will be the season of showing off distinctiveness. We can expect plenty of experimentation and never before seen nail designs. For instance, precision lettering and images that have been delicately drawn on.

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