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Negative Space: the latest trend in nail style

Present on runways, at festivals and across all of the influencer's social media platforms this summer, there's no doubt that blank space nails are making a comeback when it comes to how all the big names are decorating their fingers. So, what actually is blank space, and how can you achieve it on your customer's nails to make a big impact?
Think negative

Whereas standard nail stencils or styles are focused on increasing the amount of nail covered with more and more intricate designs, blank space nail art turns that trend on its head and makes use of the nail surface itself in combination with strategically and sparingly applied polish to create an effect that's as appealing as it is attractive. Also known as negative space nails, these beautiful designs actually take a lot more work than you'd expect to look crisp and clean - which is why your customers will be coming to you to achieve that perfect finish.

Prep perfect

Unlike covered nail trends, negative or blank space nails need a lot more care and attention on the condition of your customer's nails themselves; ensuring they are in excellent condition, without flaking or breakage, before applying designs. This integral step not only makes these nail designs feel more luxurious, but it's also an excellent way to still have a beautiful and unique style while 'resting' nails in between other applications. The best of both worlds.

Get creative

One of the most exciting parts of clean space nails is the wide variety of styles and shapes you can produce with just a little polish and a lot of creativity. Opt for unique chevron shapes, go geometric or even do a unique take on the French manicure. With so many different styles out there, there's something to suit just about every customer. Using gel polish can also ensure that their manicures last even longer, and look far better than standard regrowth over time. Whatever your customer's style, there's a negative space design to suit their needs.

Chroma Gel is the perfect tool to create excellent negative space designs, with a wide variety of colours and finished to choose from, from matte finishes to slick shines. See our full range of polishes online today.

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