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New Chroma 1 step gel colours

The world of gel nail polish colours has never been more exciting, as there are so many new colours and finishes being made available with each passing season. Play it safe with nudes and neutrals or mix it up with glitter and bold statement colours. The great news is anything goes. Wear what you love! Here we explore 5 of the latest Chroma 1 step gel nail polish colours and how easy it is to apply this nail polish.

1. Alice In Neverland

This is a stunning cornflower blue gel nail polish. It is ultra glossy and evokes those memories of long, warm summer days - a great feeling during these cold, winter days. Alice In Neverland is perfect for those lazy days at home.

2. French Pink Fancy

Who doesn't like pink nails? This colour is always a go-to when you need a pick me up. This colour offers you a fresh pale pink with super shine. Wear it alone, or add a white tip for that classic French manicure look.

3. Baby Blues

If you love pale pastels that are fresh and a little bit different, then why not try Baby Blues? This gel nail polish is a pale blue shade that is a wonderful alternative to wearing ruby red or metallic this winter season. You can even add white or gold nail art.

4. Ruby Slippers

Just imagine Dorothy wearing her red ruby slippers and this is what you get. This ruby colour shimmers and shines and is just asking to be worn to that party. It looks fantastic alone, or add a few nail gems for added glamour.

5. Silver Bullet

If you want something a little different, but is still bold and glam, then opt for the stunning Silver Bullet gel polish shade. This colour is all about the glitter and shine and needs no further embellishments.

How to use Chroma 1 step gel

Using Chroma 1 step gel couldn't be easier. Quick and easy to apply, it can last for up to 3 weeks. All you need is the gel plus an LED or UV lamp. Apply a thin coat of gel polish, cure with the lamp, and repeat. That's it! It's super easy. To find all of these exciting new Chroma 1 step gel polish shades and our range of tools and accessories, then please do browse our website today.

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