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New looks for nails in 2018

The new year brings a new wave of looks, and we're loving the nail inspiration sweeping in from the catwalks! These are the top nail trends we've spotted for 2018, and how to get them using gel polish and chrome powder.

Lines and Ribbons Inspired by the clean minimalist lines of the Art Deco movement, diagonal stripes and ribbons of contrasting colour provide a striking effect on accent nails. You'll need a base colour of your choice.

Nude is really in for 2018 so consider adding extra impact by going with a gorgeous sheer soft pink like French Pink Fancy. Using nail tape or masking tape, and a fine nail brush, apply your accent colour design over and complete your look using a no wipe top coat like Chroma Gel.

While some stylists are keeping lines straight and simple, other designers are choosing to go with more flowing, complex patterns inspired by nature. Whether your style is for bold diagonals or swirling floral designs, 2018 has trends to suit. Metallic Ombre Ombre nails are still big, but now with the added punch of metallic shades. Again, accent nails feature heavily.

Applying Pearlesque Chrome Powder over your choice of ombre shades of gel polish will give a flawless mirror finish after polishing. A sure way to attract attention with striking nails that suit a huge variety of colour combinations and ombre fades. Seal with the no wipe top coat and you are good to go shine!

Classic Bolds A definite trend spotted in upcoming spring and summer collections is a return to bright retro bolds in stunning colours like tangerine, tulip and coral. Update your look with sunny brights like this gorgeous orange gel polish in Some Like It Hotter or this vibrant splash of glamour with Hollywood Glam. Perfect for those who want to be bold, but want a more subtle look than mirror shimmers.

Shining Nudes Beautiful nude shades are also back in for 2018, a range of soft pinks and darker shades provide a perfect base for weekdays. Since many of 2018's colour trends are using nudes as a base and building up accent colours or designs over, choosing a perfect nude to suit skin tone is a must. Take a look at Always Perfect Nails Pink Salt or Mushrooms, for the perfect nude. Glitter brights, mirrored gel polish, accent chrome nails, and soft nudes are the trends to keep in mind as we head in 2018.

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