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New Year, New Nails!

It’s a new year so that has to mean new nails to lift the post-Christmas blues. Nothing makes a girl feel more fabulous than having her hair and nails done. When your client walks into your salon, they are bearing their nails to you as blank canvases to be painted and transformed into something worthy of showing off to their fellow lady friends and colleagues. This is a huge part of your marketing strategy, where you can attract more clients to your salon who want the same perfection as Hollywood stars with an array of designs and colours.

Flamboyant or natural?

With half the population racing for the gym and the sales, what better way to feel fabulous in the miserable weather than with some vibrant and stunning Chroma nails - the natural nude colours will give them a lift or maybe a bright bold colouring will add some flamboyancy to their fingers.

Chrome nails are all the rage and the mirror effect is in high demand right now. The finishing high shine gives nails a celebrity look that will last and last when used in conjunction with the no-wipe top-coat nail polish. Give your clients the best service that will guarantee their return to your salon when the regrowth is in and they need to refresh their nails.

The finishing touch

With the innovative Chroma Gel No Wipe Top Coat, you can cure for two minutes under the UV lamp or just 60 seconds in your LED nail curing lamp with no need to wipe that stickiness away.

This means you can confidently create in-demand designs, glitter and vibrant colours knowing the tacky top coat will be sealed nicely. Especially when gloves will be going on as soon as your client leaves the salon in the cold weather.

Spring and summer are only around the corner, so now is the time to entice those new customers or keep your regular clients happy. You can style with confidence and ease with Chroma gel polish and give yourself, your business and your clients a lift this new year.

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