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Simple tools that you can use for creating nail art

One nail art design that’s set to be massively trendy this winter is dots; dots on one single nail or dots incorporated into a design, to dots just on the ends of the nails in a super-cool version of a French manicure. All these dots come in different shapes and sizes, which can’t be easily made using the nail polish brush. Here’s a selection of DIY dotting tools that you can use to create perfect dots every time. 

Hair grips

Plastic-ended hair grips make the perfect tool for producing medium sized double dots. Just dip both ends of the grip into the polish of your client’s choice and create perfectly matched, clean dots.

Artist's paint brushes

A selection of paint brushes in different sizes is a useful addition to your nail art tool kit for making larger dots. Clean the polish from the brush after use by soaking it in nail polish remover and then rinsing clean with water.

Match sticks

For a variegated dotted look, use matchsticks. The square end of the matchstick will give you a neat, square dot that can be used to great effect when teamed with smaller, rounded ones.


If you want to create an ultra-fine dot with slightly squared edges, toothpicks are the perfect tool to use. Try linking tiny dots around a circle in alternating colours against a solid background for a striking effect, or create floral patterns with double layers of dotty petals.


A pencil is a very versatile dot-making tool that can be used in a number of ways. You could keep the pencil very sharp so that the tip is ideal for making very small dots, or you could wear the pencil nib down so that it is rounded and blunt to create larger and rounder dots. Try making large, round dots and then using a very sharp pencil to create ‘tails’ on them while the polish is still wet.

These everyday items can be perfect for creating imaginative nail art for your clients. They are also easily replaceable and won’t cost you the earth.

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