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Social media and other chrome nail inspiration

Social media and other chrome nail inspiration


Gone are the days when clients visited beauty and nail salons with a limited choice and very little idea of what they wanted. Social media, celebrity idols and the availability of a wide range of new nail decoration options mean that customers often have very clear ideas on what they are looking for!

There is still a place for classic, single-colour nails and French tips of course – as elegance never goes out of fashion. However, a manicure these days is probably more likely to lead to “nail art”. Bling and transfers as well as incredible combinations of brush strokes to create special effects and, of course, powders can transform nails into the most eye-catching element of someone’s outfit.

And inspiration for nail designs can now come from a wide range of places. Olympic swimming star Rebecca Adlington displayed patriotic Union Jacks on her digits, while pop icons like Rihanna and Katy Perry show off some very imaginative talons that drive huge trends on the street.

Social media is the primary influence on the growing popularity – and creativity – of nail designs. It has a huge impact on the beauty sector in general but especially when it comes to nail care. Social media – like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – is even creating beauty “celebrities”, people in the industry who can double sales of a particular product by demonstrating how good it looks.

Another reason nail art – rather than straightforward manicures – is becoming popular is that many women are finding that having their nails done in a funky or fun way is therapeutic and uplifting – as well as fashion statement.

Of course, social media might be guilty of giving people the idea they can DIY their nails, and there are some hilarious fails displayed online. Replicating a complicated design might look easy, but in many cases, it is most definitely best left to the professionals.

The other good news for UK beauty and nail salons is that the innovative Chroma Gel can transform ordinary nail polish into gel polish. The no-wipe top coat can go over powder and other nail decorations too, making the client’s finished nails strong and long lasting.

A happy client is one who will come back to your salon – no doubt armed with the latest trend or idea they have spotted on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest!

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