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Step into spring with statement matte nails

With winter on its way out and the dark, cold nights beginning to brighten, it's finally time to break out the brighter shades of spring! This year, it's all about one trend: statement matte nails.

Citrus colours for high-impact nails Whether your clients are rocking a sunny yellow, tangerine dream or a fresh lime green shade, these colours will always make a larger than life statement. Many who opt for these shades may find the colours are a little too garish to pair with certain colours of clothes, or simply do not suit their skin tone. To tone these bold as brass colours down for a sleeker, more sophisticated take on these "look at me" shades, try our Chroma Gel 1 Step Matte No Wipe Top coat to mattify.

Dreamy pastels to brighten your mood Pastel colours breathe fresh life into the wearer, and always make your nails appear well groomed and longer. Colours such as cool whites, dreamy sky blues or stunningly girly pinks never go out of fashion. When these marvellous colours are paired with a mattifying top coat, it transforms them from soft and delicate to extremely sophisticated. Give them a little pop with a gold or silver french tip or a contrasting glitter statement nail on the ring finger.

Sultry bright red reimagined Bright red is such an iconic nail colour it is hard to think of ways to create a new take on a classic. However, simply mattifying a bright red nail creates a stunning, velvety look that screams elegance. This look is especially good for clients sporting a longer, stiletto or coffin style nail shape. To give it an extra luxurious feel, apply a glossy red French tip once the mattifying gel has cured. So whether your clients are in love with punchy citrus or neon colours, want a well-groomed and clean-looking pastel manicure or fancy a fresh take on an old favourite, our Chroma Gel 1 Step Gel Polishes and mattifying top coat can delight and surprise.

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