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Stylish seasonal nail art

Stylish seasonal nail art

Seasonal nails may seem a bit over the top, but a couple of years ago none of us thought unicorn hair would be a trend! One of the best things about having your nails done is being able to totally change your style in a couple of weeks, and seasonal nails are a great way for you to get a little creative with your designs.

If you're looking for ways to get new clients into your salon, then offering something totally unique, like fun seasonal manicures might be worth a try! There's no need for seasonal nails to be tacky (though we understand why you might be worried) and we've found some lovely, classy seasonal nails.

Here are a few ideas for seasonal nail art that are stylish, fun and perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.

Mini Egg manicure
Mini Egg nails
This adorable manicure is perfect for Easter and totally unique. With a different pastel shade on every finger and a speckled egg finish, this manicure is so sweet.

Snowflake nails

It may be a while until Christmas, but a stunning snowflake manicure is definitely worth practicing. Use cool blues, silver and turquoise, plenty of glitter and stunning snowflake designs for nails that Elsa from Frozen would be proud of.

Amazing birthday nails

For something special for your clients, why not create a birthday manicure that they can choose when it's coming up to their birthday. Most girls love to have their nails done before a party and what better way to treat yourself than with an exclusive birthday manicure. Make the design really special with glitter, rhinestones, confetti and sparkles so they feel totally special with their birthday nails.

Summer special nails

With clients going off on holiday soon, why not create an amazing nail art design that's perfect for a summer getaway. Create a tropical design with ombre sunset colours, bright Hawaiian flowers or bright glittery effects.

Firework nails

When bonfire night comes around, have some fun with amazing firework nails. With a black or navy background, use bright or sparkly colours to create nails with a real wow factor.

Every girl loves having her nails done and with Chroma Gel you can make sure your clients have the very best nails.

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