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Summer nail trends your customers will love

Summer nail trends your customers will love When your customers are looking for style inspiration, you can't go wrong with some key summer trends. Finding the right summer nail polish trends allows you to deliver looks that your clients will continue to love for as long as their gel nails last. From simple colours that'll bring their outfits to life to fruity themes that are reminiscent of tropical shores, there are plenty of ways you can create gorgeous gel nail looks.

Keep it simple with plain peach nails

The beauty of peach nails is that they're simple and mild. While they're girly enough to keep hands looking beautiful on a night out, they're understated enough to not cause offence in the workplace. As a result, they're great for professional women who enjoy long-lasting nails in all sorts of settings.

Stand out from the crowd with watermelon nails

With beauty bloggers and vloggers everywhere giving a solid nod towards fruit-themed nails this season, you might want to push your customers towards the watermelon look. Whether you choose to mimic watermelons entirely or simply stick to a blend of the red and green hues that make them so enticing to look at, your customers will enjoy their fresh on-trend look. Such nails are especially great for festivals and girls' holidays.

Gel nails that have an electric feel

If you have one particular customer who is anything but a shrinking wallflower, you might want to consider pushing them towards an electric look. Whether it's a vibrant orange, eye-catching lime green, or fluorescent yellow, electric themed nails rest well against that tanned glow that only arrives in the summer. Again, not only are they ideal for holidays, they're great for anyone who likes to take an artistic approach to their image.

Stick to the classics with deep reds

Red is one nail colour that'll never fall out of favour. Depending on how your customer crafts the rest of their look, it can appear classic, sultry, or outlandish. Like electric nails, it rests well against tanned skin but lends itself in an equally beautiful manner to those who are pale. Whether you're taking a dive into creative manicures or you're sticking to the classics, these trends will leave your customers feeling delighted each time they walk out of your salon.

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