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Tell your clients about these 5 exciting nail art trends for 2020

 When working in a nail salon it's important to keep yourself up to date with the latest looks and trends, so that you can help your clients find new and exciting ways to decorate and paint their nails. The beginning of the year is an exciting time as many new nail art trends and designs are being explored and revealed. So, if you like to know the very latest nail art trends then carry on reading.

1. Different patterns on one nail

Think 80s power nails and you get the idea. This nail art look is all about bold patterns and mixing up patterns. Gel nail polish can be applied with a nail dotter tool to create fabulous dots that are surrounded by squiggles and geometrical shapes, all of which are different colours.

2. The mood ring

This is going to be one of the biggest nail art trends of the year. This is when different shades of the same colour of gel nail polish are applied to the nail to form the look of a mood ring. The look can be subtle and romantic for daytime, or max it up with glitter for a special night out.

3. The cow look

2020 will see the return to the Wild West and this will be reflected in decorative nail art. Glossy cow print nails are going to be huge. Paint them in the traditional black and white print, or shake things up by painting them in bold primary colours.

4. Snake inspired designs

Leopard print nails have always been a fashionable look, but 2020 sees the inclusion of snakeskin inspired nail art. These are presented as intricate designs in vivid shades that include the use of colours such as bronze and chrome. Nail foils can also be applied.

5. Keep it bare

For those women who like the appearance of bare nails then you can still offer them decorative nail art in the form of small stones or glitter patterns that are added to a gel nail polish topcoat that is in a neutral shade or a clear polish. We have a wide selection of gel nail polish colours and tools that can be used to create all these fabulous nail art designs.

To learn more about our products and for further nail art inspiration then please do get in touch with us today.

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