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The best high fashion nail trends to introduce your clients to in 2018

All nail technicians know that French manicure and plain colours are a nail artist’s bread and butter, but sometimes you will get an adventurous client who wants something a little bit different, and this is great for you as you can improve your nail techniques and get out of the French manicure rut. Read on for some of the biggest high fashion trends that will be hot in 2018, and how to apply these to your clients' nails for amazing impact.

Tattoo nails

Seen on catwalks such as Preen, these nails are perfect for those who don’t want knuckle or hand tattoos as they have a respectable day job, but do want to show off a temporary slogan on their nails. To do this style, you will need white or a very pale colour of nail varnish, stick on letters in black or a bold colour (make sure these are the correct size to fit the nail, check your local craft store) and clear nail varnish. First, paint on the lightest colour and leave to dry, recoat, then leave to dry again. Stick on the letters or words to the nails in the order the client wants, then paint over with clear polish to seal.

Gold leaf nails

Gold leaf nails are perfect for when your client has a big event or party coming up. The nails are painted with a pale or clear base coat, then pieces of gold leaf (this comes in different carats of gold or fake gold, depending on how glamorous a look the client wants) are applied, bit by bit, all over the nail. The gold leaf can be set in small pieces against a contrasting back coat to give an even more unusual look.

Chroma nails

Chroma nails are going to be huge in 2018, which makes now the perfect time to invest in chrome gel polish for your salon. The polish will give long-lasting chrome nails, especially if you use the no wipe top coat, and gel polish has a far better staying time than ordinary varnish, so these nails will see your clients thoroughly impressed.

With these amazing new high-fashion nail trends, you’re sure to introduce your clients to a far more stylish 2018!

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