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The Christmas party season: Nail inspiration

With the Christmas season finally upon us, there will be a surge of Christmas parties and family get-togethers that will require a touch of glam. And that means a flurry of customers looking for beautiful, festive nail designs. After all, a great way to add some festive spirit to an outfit is with Christmas-styled nails. Below we've put together some of the best nail art patterns that we think would help your clientele rock a Christmas outfit - whatever their tastes!

1. All wrapped up To achieve this nail art you need to first paint all the nails in a golden glittery shade. The shimmer from the particles will add to the overall Christmas vibe. Once the base colour has dried completely, you can work on the "present" part of the nail. Begin by painting the ribbons of the bow by drawing 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines across the nail. Then, for the bow, try using a readymade nail art sticker and fill in the lines with more glitter. The shimmer particles add to the beauty of this nail art after the base colour has dried completely.

2. Santa hats Nothing says Christmas quite like the red and white of Santa. To achieve a Santa-inspired nail design, paint the edge of the nail with an opaque white colour which will form the base of the hat. Then use a nail art marker in a black shade to draw the shape of the Santa hat. Finally, complete the look by filling in the colours with a fine nail art brush with red nail paint that's bright like Santa's hat.

3. Snowflakes A simple and subtle way to add some festive cheer to your outfit is to add some snowflake nail art. Begin by painting the nail in a cool/icy blue colour then use a marker or brush to draw a geometric snowflake pattern with polka dots. Once it has dried, you can use a glitter nail polish to add some final sparkle. You could try to add colourful glitter to the nail in shades of Christmas such as green, red or gold to add an extra touch.

For a full range of fabulous gel polish, check out our wonderful range of Chroma Gel. We have lots of fabulous colours and the nail tools required to help you achieve these wonderful Christmas nail art designs in your salon.

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