The festive nail art your clients can't resist! | Chroma Gel

The festive nail art your clients can't resist!

With Christmas and New Year within touching distance, many clients will be asking their nail technicians for a bit of festive nail cheer! And what better way to give clients a real two for one Christmas gift than by giving them a design that will take them seamlessly from Christmas Day through to New Year's Eve celebrations.

Ditch Santa hats and Rudolph Painting Christmas designs onto clients' nails is a cute idea, but once Boxing Day rolls around those designs are a bit stale. Opt instead for candy cane stripes with our red and white APN Nail Design Lines that scream festive rather than Christmas.

Use glitter for tinsel nail design Obviously, for a super festive nail, a bit of glitter can go a long way! As with the candy cane stripes, just replace one of the APN Nail Design Lines for a glittery stripe. Also, a red-tipped french polish, lined with glitter either on the tip or at the nail bed line can add that festive feel without relegating your client to a Christmas only design.

Firework inspired nail art What better way to stay festive, while also looking forward to the New Year's celebrations than to use fireworks as inspiration. Start by using a dark shade such as Pluto Made Me Do It or Dark Matters to give a dark, yet twinkly and starry base. Then use APN Nail Design Lines or glitter to draw on a simple firework design.

When in doubt opt for plain festive colours with a sparkle Like we have already said, you cannot say festive without a bit of glitter. That said, plain, festive colours like a ruby red or a shiny gold can be just as effective solo as they are paired with glitter. Using a gold glitter to tip a red nail or vice versa, is an elegant touch that will take your clients seamlessly from Christmas Day to New Year's Eve in style. Or make one single statement nail on each hand using the glitter for that extra sparkle!

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