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The hidden meanings of nail varnish colours

For many of your clients, there's nothing more exciting than receiving a fantastic new manicure. A gorgeous set of nails can make your day that bit better, make your outfit a bit more stylish and even give you a little bit of confidence. However, before you get to the post-manicure high there's the first part of the appointment to deal with - picking the colour. For indecisive clients, this step can take the longest, resulting in lost time and money for your salon.

If you have indecisive or unsure clients who are looking for a vibrant new look, consider looking at the psychology of colour, and help them match their mood to their nails.

Fiery tones - confidence and an outgoing personality

Reds, orange and yellows - or any combination of the three - exude an air of a woman in charge. From vibrant crimson tones for appearing put together and in charge through to cheerful yellows, there's nothing shy about these colours, and your client's nails are sure to catch the eye. Keep colours glossy with a gel polish for lasting impact.

Calm tones - tranquil and a kind personality

Blue, turquoises and greens are a sure way to represent a more calm and collected personality. Combine these colours with silvers or greys for a more neutral palette, and leave the electric blues and lime greens behind in favour of something a bit more down-to-earth. 

Jewel tones - mysterious and a powerful personality

Deep, beautiful emeralds or velvety purples are not only a fantastic autumn/winter shade, they give a hint of mysteriousness to any outfit. We're not talking a gothic black - but a more refined colour that wouldn't look out of place in a suit or gown. Gel nails offer darker colours a much longer lasting time, so are the ideal pairing with these sultry shades.

Pastel tones - romantic and a feminine personality

For the more optimistic and feminine clients, you can't beat a lavender, peach or mint to bring out their more whimsical side. Pastels have been one of the major trends of 2017 and aren't going anywhere, so combining a pastel pink with some accent gold chrome nails is not only a romantic touch, it's completely on-trend too.

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