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The hottest new red gel nail trends

Red is always bang on trend when it comes to nail beauty, but this year red gel nails have become even more exciting. Below we share how to select the perfect red gel polish, be gorgeous with glitter, stunning metallics and creating stunning red nail art.

How to select the perfect red

Depending upon your skin tone, reds can either look lighter or darker, and can even make fingers look longer. Scarlet reds look dramatic against pale skin, as do pink chrome hues. Darker skin tones are best suited to deep and rich reds

Glittery red gel nails

Red glitter gel nails are huge this year and look simply gorgeous. After applying two coats of your chosen red gel nail polish, you simply apply a red glitter layer. The deeper the red, then the stronger the look.

Warm red orange hues

Red does not have to be loud and brash. When teamed with orange it offers a warm and softer look. Red orange shades are also tipped to be huge. This look is easily achieved by choosing your favourite orange gel polish and then mixing into it a few drops of red gel polish.

Stunning nail art

Nail art is set to be even bigger and better this year with a huge emphasis upon red nails and golden dots. To achieve the look you need to begin with two coats of a scarlet coloured red gel polish. This deep red really helps to showcase the nail art. A gold dot can then be placed onto the centre of the nail with a top coating then applied to protect the polish.

Mix it up with Chroma Dust

Red metallic nails are set to be huge this year. Apply your favourite shade of red gel polish and then use our Chroma Dust that will give a stunning metallic mirror effect. This is a mirror effect with a twist, as underneath you'll have a vibrant red colour. Great for a night out. For more inspiration and to achieve one of these red nail gel trends, then please do browse our website and product categories.

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