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The truth behind the social media fad of Nail Dipping

It seems that the whole world has become more than a little obsessed with the "new style" of painting nails - by dipping them in pigmented powder. Little do many know that this form of nail art has been around for quite some time and, applied the way it is shown on social media, is incredibly unhygienic.

So just what is Nail Dipping?

Nail dipping is a process that lands somewhere between a gel and acrylic manicure; that is to say, it has slightly more staying power than a gel but not as strong as an acrylic. It has made a major comeback within recent months, thanks to Instagram and Facebook posts showing mesmerisingly quick colour application. 

Models are shown dipping their nails into the powder directly, and after a quick top coat it appears that their nails are flawless and ready to go. It gives the illusion that the entire process takes less time and effort than a standard coat or two of paint; no wonder people are going gaga for the trend!

Sounds good, what's the catch?

It is always wise never to trust something that looks too good to be true. In this case, powders and dip systems do work well, but it is still not something a beginner or novice will master without being taught by a professional.

These kits are geared towards the novice nail technician, who may not be fully qualified, but who has some form of training. The application is not as simple as shown either. All nail technicians viewing these videos should be jumping out of their seats screaming "that's so unhygienic!" No self-respecting professional would ever allow customers to dip fingers into a communal pot of powder. Doing this heightens the possibility of infection or fungal issues spreading throughout customers. 

Instead, the powder should be sprinkled on and rubbed onto the nail with a single-use brush, such as the one supplied with our Chrome Dust Powder collection.

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